Windham to Hillsdale

Tim kept you up to date with our progress so I’ll fill in a bit and call it a day. Here’s Tim’s method of transporting the trailer wheel from the bike shop back to the Thompson House, riding the tandem solo. Who needs a stoker?


WhileTim was cleaning and doing bike repairs this morning, I was cleaning the luggage. The ghost hand helped clear away the last of the road grit.

Hyalophora cecropia – thanks Tom (and others) for the information. Here is one of the pictures I took as Tim patiently waited on the trike (and sent you the picture he took).


Two opposable thumbs (and the rest of the fingers) at work replacing the tire and the tube after we were “screwed.”

My hand hanging on as Tim stands (right under the no standing or stopping sign) to take a picture from the bridge over the Hudson.

I decided on the second day that I would stop trying to take pictures from the back of the moving tandem with my iPhone. I don’t have any kind of strap to keep it attached in case I drop it. I figured I could make up for it when we we were stopped. But these trucks called to me on Route 23. I asked for a slow down so I could take a quick snap of these beauties.



The GPS told us to leave Route 23 and take Route 82 south, followed by a few other turns until we rejoined 23 in Hollowville. We have never tried this before, and it was a wonderful detour. Quiet, scenic, not too hilly. A real treat we hope to repeat again in the future.

We rejoined Route 23 in time to spy a favorite shop along the road and arrived in Hillsdale just at suppertime. Pizza restored the energy – at least enough to get us to the Holiday House Motel across the street from the Four Brothers Pizza Inn. Early to bed – at least for Tim, while I finish up my contribution for the day.

Thanks again for your encouragement, weather reports, extra information, and comments. We look forward to hearing from you.

Tomorrow on to Norfolk, Connecticut. The trip continues.



During the marvelous descent from Point Lookout, Suzy remarked that the tire was making a clicking sound. Probably a rock, I thought. We stopped to take a look.

It was like one of those movies where the guy has a knife in his chest, and someone says, “Don’t take it out or he’ll bleed to death.”

I pulled it out, and all the air bled out. A nice young man from the State Police stopped by to offer assistance.

Fortunately, we were totally prepared. Not only did we have a new tube, we had a brand new Primo Comet tire. Half an hour later we were back on our way.

It’s a beautiful day, except for a strong head wind. We have to pedal to make headway down hill.

Messy business

We were far from the tornados that killed 4 people in Springfield yesterday. Today the H3 weather has cleared away, the temperature is 62, there’s not a cloud in the sky, and a brisk breeze would be blowing on our backs, if we were on the road. Instead I’m sitting on the porch writing, because it’s too early for Suzy to be up, or for Dean to have breakfast ready. We planned for this to be a rest day, but it’s too perfect for cycling to spend the day here.

As I mentioned in my last post, yesterday’s ride ended in a mess, the sort of mess you see when the guy who’s juggling 5 chain saws loses control and suddenly everyone’s running for their lives, not so amused any more. Continue reading Messy business