During the marvelous descent from Point Lookout, Suzy remarked that the tire was making a clicking sound. Probably a rock, I thought. We stopped to take a look.

It was like one of those movies where the guy has a knife in his chest, and someone says, “Don’t take it out or he’ll bleed to death.”

I pulled it out, and all the air bled out. A nice young man from the State Police stopped by to offer assistance.

Fortunately, we were totally prepared. Not only did we have a new tube, we had a brand new Primo Comet tire. Half an hour later we were back on our way.

It’s a beautiful day, except for a strong head wind. We have to pedal to make headway down hill.

3 thoughts on “Screwed!”

  1. Phew! Here’s a case where literally getting screwed turns out better than figuratively getting screwed. Glad you were prepared, and thanks for keeping me on the edge of my seat reading about your adventures.

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