When our sons, David and Chris, were growing up we spent our summer vacations visiting our parents’ summer homes in Mystic, CT and Tuckernuck Island, MA.  After our sons grew up and our parents sold their summer homes, we moved on to a new chapter in our vacation adventures.  We bought a recumbent tandem bicycle and rode from Brooktondale to Nantucket via a visit to Tim’s mother in New Britain, Connecticut.  I think our first trip was in 1994.

Ryan Recumbent Bicycle

In 2001 we sold our recumbent tandem bicycle, bought an Organic Engines recumbent tandem tricycle – AKA The Triclops ( – and continued our trips to New England.

Our new Triclops - first tryout in 2001

After our parents passed away we changed our destination to Block Island, off the coast of Rhode Island.

Block Island

Tim sent messages home from our early trips via his Palm Pilot.  Later I wanted to add photographs to the reports and technology had advanced enough to make this possible.  Here is a link to trips we took from 2003 – 2007)

After three years of thinking we didn’t want to make this trip via tricycle anymore, we have decided to try it again.  And so the adventure begins.

Tim and Suzy Larkin

13 thoughts on “Background”

  1. I love your trips, your photos and your commentary. Please keep me on your trip list. Ride safe and have a great time!

  2. Today, the 21st, is my 73rd birthday. I took a walk in the woods with family, and felt the knees hurt a bit. I’m in awe of you going off on this journey. A little jealous, although I probably couldn’t make it if I tried. Have fun, and I’ll look forward to your updates.

  3. Travel well, Susan and Tim. Following your trips is always such an upper for me, helping me to focus on the good things and the good times. Enjoy!


  4. We always love to hear about wonderful
    adventures. So, of course we would enjoy
    following you on your trip to Block Is.
    Have a safe and exciting trip.
    Jan and Bob

    1. I too look forward to updates if your adventure. I am happy for you both. May your travels be safe and the wind be often at your backs.

  5. I’ve tuned up my recumbent recliner and will join you on your trip vicariously. Good luck! Have fun! Looking forward to your posts. Tim

  6. Susan, Your time away will be of wonder and delight. Birds, Butterflies, Damselflies, Dragonflies, Flowers, Snakes, Spiders + ‘the unexpected’.Colors. Sounds.Thoughts.Questions.Travel well.Travel well. Mary

  7. Tim and Sue,
    I’d say you are crazy, except I just realized you must be counting on the world ending before the trip begins! Clever! But St. Peter will not be so easily fooled!
    Good luck in either case!

  8. I’m thinking that since we’ve had days of rain, fog and cool ocean air in Mystic, your trip will have beautiful dry, rain-free days. Take lots of plant pictures, Suzy. Call if you need a ride to the ferry. Love, Margot

  9. Looking forward to hearing from you via blog, and seeing you for an overnight if you would like to stay.
    Have fun,
    Jane and Joe

  10. Tim & Sue,
    This blog, pix and videos are fabulous!
    Thanks so much for letting us try the recumbent bikes.
    We realized later we’d have to replace our car bike racks as well for recumbent racks.
    Great web site!
    Rebecca & David

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