Block Island – June, 2018

Tim and I have returned to Block Island, RI for our annual trip with trikes. We didn’t ride a tandem to get here, but brought our two tricycles with wagons to the ferry at Point Judith, RI.

iphone IMG_1301
Packed car at Point Judith, RI
iphone IMG_1302
Tim and his folded Greenspeed tricycle
iphone IMG_1306
Tim and Susan’s folded Terratrike
iphone IMG_1312
Folded trikes and carts
iphone IMG_1314
Honda CRV unpacked
iphone IMG_1315
Tim on the way to the ferry
iphone IMG_1319 copy
Loaded for departure
iphone IMG_1326_1
Schneider House, 554 Center Road—our destination
iphone IMG_1323_1
Sheila Schneider’s cottage in the back yard
iphone IMG_1327
Trikes and carts
iphone IMG_1328
The living room – ready for vacation

My focus this year is an old junk yard on West Beach that was exposed by recent hurricane-caused erosion. The town will cover it all up again this coming September. This summer is my last time to visit the heaps of rusting metal.

iphone IMG_1328A

Summer 2018: The old junk yard is at the end of the road, past the newer transfer station. Ride your trike to the end of the road, park and walk to the right along the beach. You can’t miss it.

iphone IMG_1375_1
Parked at the end of the road
iphone IMG_1380
West Beach
iphone IMG_1351
iphone IMG_1344
iphone IMG_1347
Washing Machine?
iphone IMG_1367
Automobile – front end

I’ve returned to West Beach almost every day since we arrived. I won’t get another chance to photograph this particular pile of junk.

bumper and wheel
Automobile Front End
Brake Master Cylinder
Master Brake Cylinder
Flat tire
Flat Tire
rusting metal 1
Rusting Metal 1
Rusting metal 2
Rusting Metal 2
Washing machine_
Washing Machine?
Leaf spring and __
Leaf Spring and Attachments

There is more to see at West Beach. Next year it will be what people see instead of the rusting metal.

Beach Grass
Beach Grass



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Susan C. Larkin

Most of the time I take close-ups of plants—especially seed pods and other remnants left after the plant has flowered. Sometimes my close-ups change. So far, hands and abandoned machinery have pulled me away from plants.

5 thoughts on “Block Island – June, 2018”

  1. Same time next year seems apt. Weather in CT has been gorgeous. Hope the same on Block. See you on the 4th this year.

  2. Hurrah for another spate of blogs. Having just reached a certain age I am particularly pleased to join in your adventures via computer. “Rusting Metal 1” is a masterpiece. I am also very fond of “Outlet” with its contrast of metal and stone. Rust seems a perfect subject.

  3. Thanks for your comments and thoughts. Perfect clouds this morning so I revisited rust and rocks until promised rain sent me back to the cottage. It’s raining this afternoon so I hope to put together another blog posting.

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