Block Island: 2017

This year we are only staying two weeks on Block Island. We’re hoping to spend our other two weeks of vacation time in Hawaii. Some retired people make personal rules for vacations:-)

The changes for this year involved a new tricycle for me and a new car for the family. Why? I wanted a car that would use less gas to replace our van. But our van could carry two tricycles, two bike trailers, and assorted luggage to the Block Island ferry. A smaller car would be difficult to pack.  My tricycle was over 15 years old, and unlike Tim’s trike, didn’t fold. One solution was for me to buy a tricycle that would. My new trike is a TerraTrike Traveler.  I purchased it from the Bicycle Man in Alfred Station, NY. I was a little sad to say goodbye to my Organic Engines Triclops, but it was time to move on. Our 2007 Toyota Sienna has been replaced by a 2014 Honda CRV.

We waited until two days before leaving for Block Island to see if we could avoid using the roof of the new car. Tim and I folded my new trike. Tim folded his trike, and along with the trailers, he fit it all in the new car.

With a little space left for luggage, we were set to go.

Saturday May 27, we drove to The Lighthouse Inn across from the Block Island Ferry.  The plan was to be ready for the early boat. We hadn’t ridden a tandem trike from home to get here. We had driven a car. What could go wrong? Maybe a couple of things.

One of us had forgotten to bring bike shoes. The other had ignored a very small car tire leak before leaving. Sunday morning we were looking for a bike shop and a tire repair shop open on Memorial Day Weekend. Thankfully we found what we needed.

Stedman’s Bicycle Shop in Wakefield and Monro Muffler Brake in Warwick came to the rescue. We’re grateful to both shops for helping us meet a later ferry to Block Island.

My old job on bike trips was to document repairs and other challenges. This time I became part of the work crew—an apprentice with a folding trike. I couldn’t take pictures and work at the same time. Instead, when we unpacked, I set up the iPhone on a tripod and used the camera’s time lapse to record the unpacking process. Here is a link to the result:-)

Our stay has included visits with Sheila Schneider, who owns the house we rent, and my friend Louise Clarke, who lives in Providence. It was good to see them both again.

Tim’s Block Island joy is riding as fast as he can around the island on any day with good weather. He also plays the Shakuhachi flute and reads.

Mine is looking for the next set of pictures that might make a portfolio. Last year I borrowed plants for studio work on the living room floor. This year I wanted to be outside. Outside weather was pleasant (most days) but also breezy. Breezy isn’t so good for taking focus stacked pictures of plants, because the subject won’t stand still. I continued looking, investigating favorite beaches on the west side of the island for subjects.

After a few days (some involving rain and inside fretting:-) I settled on West Beach, the site of a former dump which is becoming exposed as the bluffs slowly wash away. 

Driftwood and rusted machinery stand still in the breeze. I returned several times to West Beach and to a couple of other places, seeing what I could do with my chosen subjects.

If you click on any image, you can start a slide show.

I welcome comments.

Alas, it’s almost time to leave. We’ve enjoyed our stay and plan to return next May.

Until next time…

Published by

Susan C. Larkin

Most of the time I take close-ups of plants—especially seed pods and other remnants left after the plant has flowered. Sometimes my close-ups change. So far, hands and abandoned machinery have pulled me away from plants.

5 thoughts on “Block Island: 2017”

  1. The rust and the wood are stunning, and I wonder what they would be like in black and white. The five Fullers of long ago spent three weeks one December/January in Hawaii, half on the Big Island and half on Kauai. It was good. Thanks for the updates. My old friends Amy and Steven, some time ago of Buffalo Road, now of California, sent blogs about their recent trip to Italy and Portugal. As I sit at home this summer, I greatly enjoy the vicarious pleasures of the adventures of others.

  2. Thanks Suzy. Only you could make those old dead things come to life–quite mysterious transformations.
    Are they ‘focus stacked’ photos?
    Tomorrow I hope to contact Marc Friedlander, Elizabeth’s photographer friend, about sharing his ‘3D’ efforts.
    Thanks again for the special visit.

  3. Thanks so much for your encouraging comments. Before I post this new gallery on my website, I need to decide if they might fit better as black and white images. Time will tell.
    Your thoughts have been most helpful.


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