Hawaii: Final Days

I slowed down a bit for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  I worked on the blog, toured sites close to Hilo, and  took walks near the hotel.

Opi, who visits where she is welcome, helped me with the blog.  On one of my walks I found a flower I wanted to photograph but didn’t. An iPhone snap may remind me for another time.

Another picture of Cana indica growing across the street from our hotel, The Dolphin Bay Hotel.


Thursday, March 2

Ray and Nada Carruthers took us on an adventure.

Ray and Nada’s back yard at the house they are renting near Hilo.

We drove back to Volcanoes National Park and the ocean on the south east side of the island.  We visited a Punalu’u Black Sand Beach Park.

Ray and Nada on the extrusive igneous rock formed by the cooled lava.

Next coffee orchards and specific plots where Ray (with field help from Nada) is studying the coffee berry borer.  Tim works on computer simulations for this project. Look for HERMES on this link to see a diagram of Tim’s model.  The goal is to control the insect with biological controls.

I set up my camera to take a picture (115 pictures combined actually) of  coffee berries that need help.  Note the tiny beetles working their way in to lay eggs.


On to a Buddhist Temple for a quiet visit.  The Dalai Lama has visited twice.



Moving on to a coffee mill for samples and posters about coffee growing and production.

We finished the day with dinner at the Ohelo Cafe in Volcano Village (thank you Ray and Nada!) and a visit to the Jaggar Museum and Overlook  to see the volcano at night!


It was a wonderful day!

Friday, March 3

It’s time to pack and go.  Our plane leaves at 10 tonight and we should be back in Brooktondale by Saturday night.  Thanks Chris and D for watching the house and our dog Parker.

Thanks to all the people in Hawai’i who made this visit special.  I’d love to return another time.


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Susan C. Larkin

Most of the time I take close-ups of plants—especially seed pods and other remnants left after the plant has flowered. Sometimes my close-ups change. So far, hands and abandoned machinery have pulled me away from plants.

7 thoughts on “Hawaii: Final Days”

  1. Cana indica is a superb subject to which you do great justice. In these trying times it is good to read words such as the Dalai Lama gives us. My cousin (Suzi) went to Hawaii to college, left school after one semester, but stayed for the next 30 years. After retiring from her job in Hawaii she built a house in Idaho, but continued to spend about half of each year in the Islands, couldn’t get enough of them. She died about a year ago. I miss her. Aloha seems an equivalent in some ways to my own Shalom. Thanks for the updates and photographs. Roni

    1. John, If you look in the lower lefthand corner, you can see just the abdomen of a Coffee Berry Borer working her way into the berry to lay her eggs. They are the black dots on the green berries. The link I for the words coffee berry borer above lead to a page that tells more about them. Suzy

  2. As snow blankets Ithaca, I breakfasted with your adventurous blog, the encouraging words of the Dali Lama and the coffee berry borer. The pictures illustrates the ongoing struggle between those tiny insects and coffee growers. Who will retreat and give up?
    I’m so glad you made this trip. See you soon.

  3. Thank you, again, Suzy, for this blog. Reading it and seeing your photos have been a respite and refuge from daily dread; one takes heart from the Dalai Lama. Have heard many people speak of the “aloha” spirit of the islands — yes, a certain significant guy with that attribute was born in Hawaii and has the certificate to prove it! — and have come to think that the aloha spirit is not an “agenda” but more like an ordinary way of living. Best wishes, and safe return to you and Tim.

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