Most of our pairings of a photograph with a poem begin with the photograph. In this case, I had a poem, and Suzy found the photo.

Go climb, if that’s your thing, the fabled height
Of Kilimanjaro. Face down your fear.
Or ride the bathosphere into the night
Of Mariana’s trench to see what’s there.
Or trek across Antartic’s trackless snow,
A place no kind of creature calls his own.
Some think the Gobi is the way to go;
A camel, and a compass, and yourself, alone.

If this is what you need, I wish you well.
Test your limits, and find out who you are.
I am determined to disprove my self,
Forgo my dreams, lose hope, lower the bar,
Give up, put off, unlace, depart the zone,
Withdraw, surrender, and go my own way home.

7 thoughts on “Kilimanjaro”

  1. First of all, I echo what Phil and John said. Second, though, I want to remind you what I suggested what must be several years ago now, that there should be a published book of your poems and Suzy’s photos. So, I’ve said it again. And keep up the wonderful work.

    1. I see the picture. Try refreshing the page. Sometimes pictures get lost momentarily, especially if the internet connection is slow.

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