Art fades…adventure takes over

When there is no trike trip to get to the island, there seems to be not much adventure…until something goes wrong. Then shades of the old road trip return.

I’m very pleased with the help for cyclists at the Old Harbor Bike Shop!

Published by

Susan C. Larkin

Most of the time I take close-ups of plants—especially seed pods and other remnants left after the plant has flowered. Sometimes my close-ups change. So far, hands and abandoned machinery have pulled me away from plants.

One thought on “Art fades…adventure takes over”

  1. The best people to cultivate as friends are those who can make things work. Unfortunately, they are a disappearing breed. As computers and robots take over more and more of the work people used to do, we approach an end point where nobody knows how to fix things. It could have a salutary effect if it forced people to start working with their hands again.

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