Days of Art

We got pretty bored writing about life on Block Island, even though life on Block Island isn’t boring. Last year this blog was totally silent. This year we’re both using our time here to pursue our interests in art, and Suzy had the idea of using the blog to share what we create.

I will be posting poems and shakuhachi music.

Suzy found this mysterious object on the beach.

I commented, “Where’s the WD-40?” Someone else said, “It looks simultaneously tree-like, geological, and mechanical. Mysteriousness is good.” Suzy had a flash of inspiration. Wouldn’t it be fun if we crowdsourced captions, comments, and reflections to go with her pictures? If we get a good response, we could put it all together in a book. So please, enhance her pictures with comments: profound, petulant, short, long, serious, frivolous, irresponsible, irreverent, irrelevant, or flippant. You may even comment in French!

10 thoughts on “Days of Art”

  1. If you cover the left-hand third and the bottom two-thirds, it looks like a beautiful, barren mountainscape. If you posted it that way and tagged it as a picture from Block Island, you would surely perplex your friends!

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