Home again

For the last couple of weeks we've looked down from Water Street or the porch of the National Hotel (the big white building on the right) at the ferry at its dock; yesterday we were on the ferry looking at Water Street and the National Hotel, a significant difference in perspective.

We took the Jennifer W. to New London, Connecticut. Suzy took a cab to Hertz at the Groton airport, while I took the trike apart. She came back with a Grand Caravan. We loaded up and left. After 5 and a half hours of driving, plus some stops (stay away from the Liberty Diner), we arrived home. Toes, the cat, was lying on the porch roof and took no notice. Maggie, the deaf dog, didn't hear us drive up, but once Suzy got her attention, she seemed very happy to see us. Parker, the other dog, was having a sleep over at Christopher's; we'll see him today.

During the drive we remarked more than once on the difference in speed between the bicycle and the automobile.

We survived all phases of the adventure. I thank all of you who had the patience to read our posts, and especially everyone who encouraged us by commenting. We plan to do this again next year.

8 thoughts on “Home again”

  1. Thanks for the nice movie of your departure. Looks like a lovely place. But is there anywhere between there and home that you’d rather be? I had a great time going along, but I always worry about your safety when you are biking on the road. I’m sure your kitty was glad to see you, but its in the instruction manuel for housecats that you never pay attention to your owners – it could be interpreted as a sign of weakness.

  2. Suzy and Tim,
    I loved sharing in your artistic and literary documentation of your adventure. Thanks so much for including me. I admire your physical ability to make such a trip and your stamina in all ways. Congratulations on a wonderfully successful endeavor!
    Welcome back!

  3. Glad you had such an enjoyable time experiencing lots of ice cream, chowder, good friends and family, and that you’re back home safely! Thanks for sharing!

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