Mohegan Café

Last night we took the diets to the Mohegan Café on Water Street, overlooking Old Harbor. The dessert menu includes a brownie sundae with vanilla or chocolate ice cream.

The clam chowder was excellent, as good as Dead Eye Dick's, I think. It's hard to tell for sure without a side by side comparison. Every spoonful showed evidence of actual clams.

Suzy ate three-quarters of her sundae, then forced me, I say, I say, forced me, to eat the rest. I ate the rest with her dessert spoon. This tool ceased to be effective when only melted ice cream and chocolate sauce remained. I resorted to my chowder spoon. This caused a temporary blending of the flavors of chocolate, vanilla ice cream, and clam. I cannot recommend this combination.

There you have it: if you're in Old Harbor, go to the Mohegan for chowder; if you're in New Harbor, go to Dead Eye Dick's. By no means go to Rebecca's. Don't expect to find Rhode Island style anywhere.

And now, for something completely different. I got up at 4:30 this morning so that you wouldn't have to. The point of this video is the soundtrack, so crank up the audio if you can't hear anything. Since I can't upload a straight sound file to WordPress, I've wrapped it in a movie. (This actually is video. If you watch carefully you can see the trees sway, and occasionally a bird darts past.) This is a chill out video, not a “get you all fired up to conquer the world” video.


Update: That is an HD video. If your bandwidth can't handle it, here is a lower resolution version.

5 thoughts on “Mohegan Café”

    1. I wanna be there….I want the ice cream and I want the clam chowder and I want to see the sunrise. Can a person do an ice cream and clam chowder diet at the same time? Jane W.

      1. The combo diet is permitted according to the optional rule extension ratified, you will be happy to hear, just this morning. But, please, eat ice cream and chowder sequentially, not concurrently. This is not strictly required by the rules, but is recommended by most practitioners.

  1. Great video Tim! Wonderful to hear the “morning chorus” of an eastern woodland again. Here we have the morning commute on 101 (just one block from our door). And it’s nice that Suzy gave you ice cream again. I think you deserve more for getting up so early on your vacation.

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