Block Island Hikes: Part V

It's almost time to leave for home and I have finally realized how much more there is to Block Island. You see I feel a great need to revisit the hiking trails each year, and that takes a while. Somewhere in the middle of the second week I start thinking about the beach. This year I started out with a visit to Grace's Cove on the west side.

Without planning to I walked along the beach to Dories Cove before heading back to our home away from home on Center Road. I enjoyed that walk so much that when the sky clouded over the next day I intended to repeat it. But instead, I turned north and walked out to Champlin Road. This was so much fun that I decided it is time to circle the island on the beach (one section at a time). But it's also time to go home! Next year I'll leave myself a note—explore the beaches, and start sooner!

As Tim played the flute (both in the cottage and on the beach) I searched for “hand” pictures to take with Pro HDR on my iPhone. I took many, but will only share a few. I am fascinated by the possibilites.

I also found a road/trail not marked on my map. Another new place to visit next year.

Walking back to the cottage I saw. . .

a landscape that called for a photograph,


more opportunities for hand photos,

reminders of why I love Block Island in June (so many roses in bloom!), and what we miss by coming so early.

I also walked along a Greenway trail I haven't been on for a few years. Treasures to see in the woods for walkers.


But it's time to get ready for the return to the real world. Some of you may remember Tim's complaint in the Four Stages of Starting Out that I hadn't mailed the package of things we didn't want to carry. Now it was time to send back the same package. But it has grown in size so we bought a substitute box at the post office.


I thanked Sheila and Jack (and Kaylee and Victor) for renting us their house on Block Island. They are here for the season, but I'm sorry to say it's time for us to make room for our replacement. We need to be out by Sunday morning. As always we're grateful for the use of their house, the extra bike, the information about what's going on, and simply the opportunity to share a yard with wonderful neighbors.



Published by

Susan C. Larkin

Most of the time I take close-ups of plants—especially seed pods and other remnants left after the plant has flowered. Sometimes my close-ups change. So far, hands and abandoned machinery have pulled me away from plants.

7 thoughts on “Block Island Hikes: Part V”

    1. Kaylee is happy to see everybody. I think in this picture she was worried about people asking her to pose for an iPhone. There is no explaining the things people do.

  1. For you folks to have shared some of your thoughts,+ photographs of sights seen+, recordings of sounds ——— during your time away has been THE BEST. Thanks , ‘one hundred times.’ Mary

    1. Thank you Mary. It’s fun to think about our friends and to share this time away. Writing about it helps us remember. If we forget what happened when, we can look it up!

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