Notes from the porch

If you're on the Ice Cream Diet, and go to the National Hotel for dinner, you will be disappointed, because ice cream is not on the dessert menu. You'll need to improvise.

I had the usual.

The National Hotel chef did not knock Dead Eye Dick off the clam chowder pedestal.

We sat on the porch overlooking Water Street and Old Harbor. After I finished the chowder, I ate the oyster crackers very slowly. I did not want a moment to open when the only item on the table I could eat would be Mud Pie. I wasn't sure I could restrain myself from piracy.


3 thoughts on “Notes from the porch”

  1. Surely you do not mean that Suzy (the cruel and heartless) would not share dessert with you even after you rescued her from the impending rainstorm? And why are you showing us all these incredible yummies that we can’t have? I think I hear evil laughter in the background…

    1. I infer from your various comments about dessert that some cruel, heartless person has your diet on a very short leash. Who might that be?

      “Ice cream without cream.” Who ever heard of such a thing?

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