South Island

Tim Levatich asked, “Where’s the sloth?” We’re working on it.

Block Island consists of 2 hills joined by a narrow strip of land called the Corn Neck. It won’t be long before the sea will rise and make 2 separate islands. The Clayhead Trail photos showed scenes from what will become the North Island. Yesterday, we explored the South Island.

I added some pages to my iCloud iPhoto Journal. Due to technical problems, I was unable to upload the journal yesterday until late evening. You can see the new pictures by clicking here.

Today we’re enjoying the heat wave. 88° in the shade, feels like 120° in the sun. Suzy disputes my “feels like” figure; she accuses me of hyperbole. Be that as it may, we’re making like the guy in the picture, just hanging out, achieving a blissfully cool state of inactivity. There’s some cold pizza in the fridge. I have a plan—if I can get up the enthusiasm and can pull it off without breaking into a sweat—to get off the couch, walk 2 paces to the kitchen, extract the pizza, and eat it. Then it will be time for a nap.

3 thoughts on “South Island”

  1. Looks like the island is well on its way to split in two. There is a lot more water on the map between Great Salt Pond and Old Harbor than when I was visiting as a teen. A good nor easter perhaps?

  2. The new iPhone takes beautiful photos! To my amateurish eye their quality at least equals the quality of similar photos sent by another friend using an SLR.

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