Clayhead Trail

My brother Andy and his wife Anneke have come to Block Island for 3 days.

There’s a trail that runs along the bluffs on the east side of the island up to Sandy Point. We biked out to the south end of the trail and walked 8,000 steps almost to the end, whence we could see North Light in the distance (if you look carefully, you can see North Light in one of the pictures), from the vantage of a small hill which is the site of an abandoned house. How a house on Block Island with a spectacular view can be abandoned is a mystery. Then we walked back 8,000 steps and rode home.

I took a number of pictures using my iPhone and Pro HDR. Rather than posting them directly on this blog, I experimented with the Journal feature of iOS’s version of iPhoto, which stores picture on the iCloud. Aye! The pictures appear initially as a collage. You can tap on any picture to see a full-size version. Once you’re looking at a full-size version, controls should appear that allow you to step through all the images, or start a slide show. (Full-size versions initially appear in low res; the low res version will automatically be replaced by a high res version, after a suitable delay, which means a delay defined by the speed of your download link.)

Click here to start.


5 thoughts on “Clayhead Trail”

  1. WOW!! What a beautfiul place! LOVE these photos! When you return I want to have a chat with you about iOS. I want to find a cloud storage that will take high res photos (since I keep losing mine!!!). Is there a limit to the amount of photos you can store?

  2. Well worth all those steps! The display of the pictures was very good, but I wanted to figure out how to get the controls out of the way, and modify the speed of the slide show (without stopping and starting it for each picture).

    1. I only have an iPad for testing. Tapping on the screen toggles the appearance of the title and controls. Maybe you need to move the cursor off the image.

      As for the pace of the slide show, it’s way fast. I have no idea how to control it.

  3. Let’s see… days of pedaling. Now reports of walking 8000 steps… twice. You should be checked for repetitive action sickness. Where’s the sloth? Can this vacation be saved?

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