Gold Star Bridge

The Gold Star crosses the Thames between New London and Groton.

It has often been remarked that the English either don’t know how to spell or don’t know how to read. The divergence between the spelling and pronunciation of “Thames” is a good example.

The Almighty has charged the American people with fixing many of the things the English have screwed up, as is the case here. To pronounce this name in the local fashion, start with the word “same”, take away the ‘s’ and put it at the end, and add at the beginning the standard “th” sound, as from “thin”.

A simple and obvious solution. But it took American ingenuity to make it a reality.

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Location:Water St,New London,United States

6 thoughts on “Gold Star Bridge”

  1. Bridge? I don’t see one. Pretty scene, though. I have loved all your nature pics along the way. Thanks for taking us along with you.


    1. Good point. The picture is taken from the apex of the bridge, so it’s a bridge picture, even though there’s no bridge in the picture.

  2. Nice shot of the Coast Guard Academy, Connecticut College, the Mohegan Sun Casino, Red Top (Harvard’s base camp for the Harvard v. Yale crew races) and the Groton Naval Submarine base.

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