Norfolk, CT to Cromwell, CT

The trip (at least our version of it) from Norfolk to Cromwell involved a little bit of ascent and a whole lot of descent. It was fun, but I had a hard time finding something interesting to photograph.


There were stretches of road with little traffic and towns with lots of traffic.

I tried using PRO HDR to make picture of ghost traffic, but the cars wouldn’t cooperate. I got a picture of a ghost Tim instead.

I tried a couple pictures of cell towers, but they were no match for Robert Voit’s “New Trees” which I saw in the current show of “Untold Stories” at the George Eastman House in Rochester.

I thought about pictures for Tim’s comments, such as the above for “Why don’t we plop down our credit card for two brand new shiny red motorcycles and take off?”

I thought about finding links to triglycerides and the health problems with too much sugar, but decided against it. I’ll let this picture stand for itself. We visited the same Carvel store on our way through last year. Great store and nice people.

Earlier in the day, when Tim sent a blog about me being somewhere taking pictures, this is what I was working on. The vine tendril begged to be photographed – but not with my iPhone (at least without the tripod that was packed deep in the Yak Sak). Alas it was not to be my next great grape vine picture.

I”m afraid this photograph has to represent our entire trip through New Britain and Berlin—Tim’s home town. Rain threatened when were making this passage and my iPhone went back into its plastic bag. Instead of taking pictures, I watched Tim’s excitement build as he approached “home.” It reminded of me of my recent trip to Rochester with my friend Sandy. We took a detour through Irondequoit and were given a tour of the Crane’s house at 468 Oakridge Drive. What a treat. There is a feeling about seeing home again, that for Tim and me at least, remains special.

We arrived safely through (I’d be tempted to call it) gobs of traffic to the Crowne Plaze Hotel with plenty of time to check in and enjoy an early dinner. Totally different from earlier stops, but I enjoy it. I like seeing the differences in the various places we stay.

After a good night’s sleep and excellent breakfast I started our rest day with a trip to the washing machine on the first floor. On my way I stopped to photograph what I think it a very interesting way of including a ramp as part of the decor. The short stairway goes down one side of the “terrarium” and the ramp encircles the other. I couldn’t quite fit the whole ramp in my view so I decided to try my Olloclip Wide angle lens. I had inadvertently washed the lens a few days before, and I’m happy to report it showed no ill effects. But in placing the lens on my phone I had to remove my xshot iPhone case, and in doing so discovered that I had neglected to remove the protecting film from the back of my replacement iPhone. No wonder so many pictures looked foggy! The above collage shows the film I removed from the back of the iPhone. The pictures on the right show the same shot (forgot about the Olloclip for this pair) before and after I removed the film.

Another lesson as we continue our adventure.

Tonight we’re greeting friends and family for dinner at the Crowne Plaza. Tomorrow we set off for Old Saybrook for a quick overnight before pressing on to Mystic. The end of our journey is almost in sight.


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Susan C. Larkin

Most of the time I take close-ups of plants—especially seed pods and other remnants left after the plant has flowered. Sometimes my close-ups change. So far, hands and abandoned machinery have pulled me away from plants.

7 thoughts on “Norfolk, CT to Cromwell, CT”

  1. Suzy,
    I enjoyed visiting your homestead with you in Rochester. Home always lives inside.
    Enjoy the “homestretch” of your journey!

  2. I’m glad you can still go home! I think if I did (and I mean my childhood home in Culver, Indiana) the emotional shock might well kill me. But as I think about it, if I did, I would die happy.

  3. Ah yes! Avon, long time home of our closest family friends. Well remember the cider mill & no doubt have passed the Carvels although we usually went out for i.c. in Collinsville. I’ll be thinking of you resting in Cromwell since I spent a memorable week alighting for the nights in those corporate motor inns in midst of busy pipe organ touring, summer 1994.

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