6 thoughts on “Moth Interference”

  1. Cecropia ? A sight to behold . I would call it good fortune to have seen. Shadowg fall this morning . .Tho the forecast suggests the day may take a turn otherwise…so be it. Mary ..

  2. Weather report this AM–Providence expecting a few showers Wed and Thurs, otherwise sunshine, low to mid 70’s all week. Enjoy. Louise

  3. Ah, yes, Hyalophora cecropia. Early in the summer, I was running a black light at our place in the Adirondacks to follow the appearance of the “giant silk moths’–the family of moths to which the cecropia moth belongs. Lunas and polyphemus moths had shown up before I had to take a break to come back to Ithaca. I hope cecropias will have arrive in the ‘Dacks by the time I get back.

  4. Thank goodness I still have your set of “Golden Nature Guildes.” I checked out the cecropia moth on page 87 of “Insects.” Beautiful. Please request more nature pictures from your photographer, please!

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