Block Island 2012 – Getting Ready to Go

Once again, Tim and Suzy Larkin (that’s us) are preparing to ride our Organic Engines Tandem Tricycle (aka Troika) from Brooktondale, NY to the ferry in Point Judith, RI – final destination – Block Island, Rhode Island.

Some years we prepare by shopping, thinking, planning, and packing—with a little training on the side. This year we prepared by training, training, training—with a little planning and packing on the side. For those who followed our trip last year (2011) this will be a repeat performance (we hope) with a few variations: Brooktondale to Afton to Oneonta to Windham to Hillsdale (all in NY) to Norfolk to Cromwell to Mystic (in CT) to Point Judith and Block Island (in RI). We’re leaving tomorrow (June 7) and hope to arrive in Block Island on Sunday, June 17. After a two week stay at the Schneiders’ wonderful house, we will rent a car, take the trike apart, and drive home. 11 days to get there and 11 hours to get home (give or take).

To cut the weight of what we have to drag behind us, I’m substituting my new iPhone 4s for my SLR cameras. My only requirement is that I bring a tripod on the trip – it’s an old aluminum tripod, so it weighs a bit less than my newer one, but Tim still thinks it weighs too much!


The tripod only weighs about a half a pound more than all the clothes I’m packing for a 23 day trip (jacket and tomorrow’s clothing not included in this photograph). All in all, we’re not bringing a terribly heavy load.



Parker (with a ball which seems to be attached to his mouth).

Our friend Lisa and son Christopher will be taking turns watching the house and our pets while we are away.

I was going to share with you some of our training adventures: broken chain near Speedsville and broken phone (don’t let the iPhone 4s get wet!) after being caught in a rain/hail storm on our way home from Wegmans, but it’s getting late and we need to be fresh tomorrow morning—whatever weather presents itself for our departure.

We invite you to come along. Our destination for day one is the Jericho Farm Inn in Afton, NY. We’ll do our best to keep you updated along the way. My book for the trip is Caleb’s Crossing by Geraldine Brooks. As the trip progresses I’ll share other books my friends have introduced me to and hope to have a new reading list from you before we head for home on July 1.

Thanks to all for your good wishes and encouragement!


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Susan C. Larkin

Most of the time I take close-ups of plants—especially seed pods and other remnants left after the plant has flowered. Sometimes my close-ups change. So far, hands and abandoned machinery have pulled me away from plants.

19 thoughts on “Block Island 2012 – Getting Ready to Go”

  1. Hello Susan and Tim!

    It will be great to follow your travels…! I’m working up the nerve to follow through on my plans to join with a bike club buddy on a trip up to the 1,000 Islands:

    Heading up into your neck of the woods for the Great Finger Lakes Bike Tour this weekend:

    Racked up around 2,000 miles last year, am hoping to well-surpass that this year!

    Although I haven’t written many recently have blogged some about cycling, etc. here:

    Tell David I said “hello” and hope all has been well with everyone! 🙂


  2. Hi Sue & Tim,
    May your travels be filled with wonder and joy. I look forward to following you throughout great photos and musings:)

  3. Dear Souls,
    We are sending good thoughts for your safe and happy travels. Thank you for keeping your fans informed.

  4. bon voyage and happy adventures all the way. I loved “Caleb’s Crossing,” a perfect book for where you are going. ~Abby

    1. Abby,
      I’m just reading the afternotes. Wonderful book. I liked it just as much as The People of the Book. Another Geraldine Brooks book I liked very much.

  5. Thanks. Great launch. I’ll follow your posts as eagerly as I followed the Cornell hawks nesting and hatching their babies. Total compulsion. See you on Block Island.

    1. Louise,
      Thank you! You’re an inspiration. I hope to show how just slowing down can give you a chance to see so many details you would otherwise miss. Maybe something like the cracking of a hawk’s egg.

  6. Terrific post. Block Island is one of my favorite destinations. We live in NJ, we drive our Malibu, but a trike would be FUN…anyway, enjoyed your post…I can’t wait to drive there myself at the end of July.

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