Last Day

Panoramic photography produces mosaic images with interesting, non-rectangular borders. Photosynth can merge images that tile in two dimensions, resulting in a mosaic with an outline similar to a spherical lune. At first I cropped the mosaics to rectangles. Now I think the irregular edges add another sort of attraction.

I cropped the bottom of this image, because it showed Suzy with two right arms, which I found to be distracting. But you can see how the sky narrows to the zenith.

I love how much sky the panorama gives room for.

This is our last day on the island. We went to Crescent Beach, the official town beach. It has many amenities, such as food, shade, and plumbing. It also abounds in anthropogenic noise, when I found not so amenable. Some of that noise was the effect of the 60 degree water temperature. No one went into the water without vocalizing the shock.

After taking our fill of noise, we biked over to Water Street, the main drag of Old Town. Water Street does not have a large curve at the spot in front of the camera. In the real world the double yellow line extends straight from left to right, as well as from right to left. When the semi-circular ring of the panorama is flattened to produce a two dimensional picture, something has to get twisted.

At the far right of the picture above you can just see the west edge of the Surf Hotel.

For only $6,000,000 it can be yours. Reboot your life! Embrace a new career in the exciting hospitality industry!

(Click on a panorama to see it full size.)

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