Rodman’s Hollow

I’ve seen this location named both “Rodman’s Hollow” and “Rodmans Hollow”. I’m accepting the spelling used on the large roadside sign on the north side of the hollow. Part of the problem may be that not everyone knows the difference between the two, or if they know, care enough to do it right.

We’ve photographed this scene many times, without making a picture that expressed how deeply the melting glacier scooped it, how hollow the hollow is. This attempt uses two techniques. It is a 180 degree panorama created by Photosynth, an excellent and free iPhone app from Microsoft, the easiest tool I’ve ever used for making panoramas. And it includes a human figure to establish scale. I recommend that you click on the image to see it full-size.

Rodman’s Hollow is on the south side of the island. In this picture you’re seeing the hollow from its north side, looking south and across it to the ocean, which you may be able to make out in the distance.

One thought on “Rodman’s Hollow”

  1. Terrific! Who needs a camera and a tripod?

    Suzy, will you be home in time for Jane’s show in Corning on the 24th?


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