Dory’s Cove

Another day, another beach. This one is on the west side of the island, looking onto Block Island Sound. I can see Montauk Point to my left, and Rhode Island straight ahead.

Since this is the sound side, the waves are small and carry sea weed in such abundance that the water looks brown. The sea weed is drying on the beach and contributes an odor to the air which is distinctly different from the odor of Mansion Beach.

This place is even more deserted. Clearly this attribute has attracted some night life. A few large drift logs circle the remains of a bonfire, and a stack of dry wood has been gathered nearby. I suspect young people, up to no good.

Once again the photographer has disappeared into the far away. I am here with my shakuhachi, a bottle of fresh water, and a supply of pretzels and chocolate.

– Posted from my iPhone

Location:Dorry’s Cove Rd,,United States

One thought on “Dory’s Cove”

  1. The sea, your flute, pretzels and chocolate – sounds like you know the important ingredients of good living – not to mention that fine female photographer strolling back toward you!

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