On the Spot Photography

“On the Spot Photography” is my name for a game I proposed to the house photographer a couple of days ago. The player or players travel a route in a vehicle with an odometer. A tandem tricycle equipped with a GPS works well for this. Every half-mile (we used the half-mile interval, but variations on the game are permitted that use other intervals of space or time) you stop, and the photographer is challenged to take an interesting picture on the spot.

Usually the photographer sees something interesting and stops for a shot. In this game, the photographer stops first, and then finds the picture.

“On the spot” is somewhat vague. Ideally the photographer does not leave the vehicle. But artists have a certain aversion to strict rules, and find them challenging up to a point, beyond which “they are made to be broken.”

The shakuhachi player is Masayuki Koga. The piece is an improvisation and the title track from his album Heart of the Wind.

4 thoughts on “On the Spot Photography”

  1. Love the perspective and the challenge to shoot from the bike, it makes us feel there (without the sweat equity)! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I enjoyed the photos. You have captured the spirit of BI. I have forwarded this to several friends who
    enjoy the place.

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