Cromwell to the Block Island Ferry


20110607-045135.jpg 20110607-045209.jpg
The sights continue as we work our way southeast toward our final destination. I don’t know what is flowing down the rocks, but it’s worth a second look. There are more and more convertibles on the road – too many to record. I’ll leave it with the white VW – another car in the air to welcome visitors.

One of the many cyclists who pass us on the road. They are always friendly and we always say hello. Tim told you about the two cyclists that we will pass – not too far from this one. We are working so hard to accomplish this feat that I don’t get any photos to prove it. You’ll have to take our word for it.

We roll into Middletown. There are many lovely buildings and I take snaps of a few. But what impresses me most this time is Main Street—wide enough (at least today) for parked cars, moving cars, and tandem trikes, AND the lovely woman wearing a long skirt who is preparing to take off on her motorbike. Classy!

A couple more sights along the road before we reach and cross the Baldwin Bridge at Old Saybrook.

Ginger ice cream at Hallmark. One of the true highlights of our trip.

We reach the ocean!! And decide to spend the night in Niantic instead of New London. Only eight miles to go – we should reach the ferry tomorrow morning with no trouble.

We get an early start (thanks to croissant power provided by Joe and Jane) and do a little climbing and an exciting descent. I like this sign – think about the double o’s. They look the same, but what sounds do they make? An added bonus is the reflection of the cool tandem.

Very shortly we reach New London. I see a sign I remember, and we’re happy to see Tim’s prediction of little traffic is indeed true.

A mural I remember and a downtown whale I don’t remember.

A sign I definitely remember, and. . .

We have made it! Ready to board the ferry and start the next chapter of our adventure. Home again on Block Island!

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Susan C. Larkin

Most of the time I take close-ups of plants—especially seed pods and other remnants left after the plant has flowered. Sometimes my close-ups change. So far, hands and abandoned machinery have pulled me away from plants.

One thought on “Cromwell to the Block Island Ferry”

  1. T & S- The baby birds are sailing to the ground and flying back to the nest, very soon to fledge, I’m sure. There may be an empty nest tomorrow. I’m enjoying your trip vicariously. Stay safe.

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