Story of us in the Daily Mail

“Beating the high price of gas”

Claude Haton/Hudson Catskill Newspapers

Suzy and Tim Larkin take time out from their ten day, tandem recumbant trike trek near Leeds Tuesday to chat with a reporter. This is the tenth year the Larkins have embarked on a journey, which takes them from their home near Ithaca N.Y. to New London, Conn., where they board a ferry for Block Island to visit with family. They keep a blog about their journey called ‘Have trike, will travel.” The trike, produced by a company called Organic Engines out of Florida, is collapsible. The return trip is made by auto with the trike tucked away in the trunk and is completed in about 10 hours.


Corrections: (Because I got to read it before I sent it) It’s a 12 day ride (including rest days). It’s our 12th trip. We don’t have family on Block Island. It was kind of Claude to stop us and take our picture!

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Susan C. Larkin

I am a photographer with two areas of interest. I take close-ups of plants—especially seed pods and other remnants left after the plant has flowered. I am also working on a series of photographs of ghost hands, taken wherever I might be with the camera I have with me.

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