Windham to Hillsdale: 49 miles and then on to Norfolk, CT 25 miles

20110601-102037.jpg 20110601-102156.jpg
After hearing wonderful tales of bears in the Catskills from Joanne, and some of the history of The Thompson House from the owners, Eric and Deborah Goettsche, we set out on our on our way to our next destination in Hillsdale, NY.

Or almost set out. It appears that I lost the chip with all the road maps when I changed the batteries in the GPS. We make a search in all the possible places, but no luck. All is not lost though. We still have the route marked on the topographical maps. The colored road maps will have to be downloaded to another chip – another time.

20110601-103444.jpg 20110601-103512.jpg
More signs? I’m trying to cut down, but to understand this sign, you have to remember what is on one side, and mentally add it to what you see on the other. A good excercise.

We briefly pull into the driveway of Point Lookout – where we have stayed several times in the past. Tim is looking for the perfect view, but doesn’t see what he wants.

20110601-103902.jpg 20110601-103928.jpg
So we start the big descent. Notice our moving average (mostly climbing so far this morning). Also notice the altitude.

20110601-104058.jpg 20110601-104121.jpg
But before we get going too fast, we see a spot for “the photo.” I’m OK with Tim’s crossing the road for a better view, but not too happy when he tries crossing the fence as well. He thinks again and cancels this idea.

20110601-104309.jpg 20110601-104346.jpg
Not to be outdone with stupid moves to get “the picture,” I attempt a one-handed shot at the GPS as we fly down the hill. You can see my other hand holding on to the handlebar. Note what it looks like at the bottom of the hill.

Now it’s back to work. We seem to miss many green lights, but one red light gives me a chance to photograph a motorcycle rider who isn’t zipping by. The hard work at the bottom of the hill is making our way along the shoulder. It’s not NY States finest, by any means.

We have a welcome break when Claude Haton from The Daily Mail stops us for a photograph and a brief interview. He remembers that he talked to us several years ago along the same stretch of road – one year when we rode back home from Block Island as well.

Instead of a view from the Rip Van Winkle Bridge, here is a closer view of what you might see if you take the time to walk (or ride a tricycle) across on the sidewalk. It says no bicycles, but I decide they don’t mean us – we have three wheels.

Another castle. This time a life-sized castle above the Hudson.

20110601-105957.jpg 20110601-110052.jpg 20110601-110117.jpg
Years ago a UPS driver stopped us to tell us how we could avoid two large hills by taking side roads that later rejoined Rt 23. They provide a welcome chance to avoid the cars, the dust, and the noise.

This car is too special to pass by without a photograph. I have no idea what it is.

20110601-110714.jpg 20110601-110735.jpg
A quick stop by The Purple Barn. I always look forward to seeing what (or who) is going to be on display.

20110601-110925.jpg 20110601-110945.jpg
We arrive in Hillside to spend the night – in a motel, not along the road where there will be a large music festival next month.

20110601-111122.jpg 20110601-111143.jpg
The next day we have to climb our way past a ski mountain before we get a chance to have breakfast.

20110601-111323.jpg 20110601-111346.jpg
Since Tim already sent a scene from the breakfast porch, I’ll show you the cool car that was parked out front and also how Tim cleans up for breakfast. He’s using a travel towel – a gift from my friend Jane. We use it for laundry, for us – for anything except the bike. it’s a great help as we try to keep ourselves and our clothing dry.

As I take the photograph, the owner is coming out with a FREE sign. I hope they find a good home.

20110601-112309.jpg 20110601-111831.jpg
As the day passes it gets, hotter and more humid. Tim considers buying the motorcycle. Think of the breeze!

20110601-112500.jpg 20110601-112529.jpg
But we keep on pedaling. And just as we turn into what we think will be our very last hill of the day, we realize why we are making such slow progress. There is a huge leak in the back tire! But we are so close (or so we think). Tim pumps up the tire with the hopes it will get us to our destination.
Tim has promised to tell you what happens next. So I’ll leave it to him to write about it in the morning. I too am tired, and it is time for bed!

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