Stamford to Windham – 25 miles

Another day that starts with clouds and ends with sunshine. After a wonderful breakfast and visit with Jean and Jim Kopp, the owners, restorers, and operators of the wonderful Stamford Gables Inn, (Did you notice how many links to this B&B we’ve provided? It’s well worth a visit!),

Tim posts one final Stamford entry, and we’re off again – east on NYS Route 23, headed for Windham, NY. Each day I tell myself that I will take fewer pictures. . . that surely there won’t be anything particularly new or interesting to see. I’ve probably covered most subjects already. But you would be a amazed to see what wonders can be seen along the road from the viewpoint of a stoker on a recumbent tandem tricycle. Ours, by the way, is ten years old this summer. Thanks Dan Kavanagh for your wonderful workmanship on our Organic Engines Troika!

I wish Ed, my classmate from photography at TC3, were here to see this glorious pile of gravel. He could add it to his collection.

20110530-030611.jpg 20110530-030652.jpg
Aren’t you more interested in a business when it includes more than just a sign?

20110530-032624.jpg 20110530-032718.jpg
I rarely ask Tim to stop so I can take a photograph. Almost all of my pictures are taken from the back of the moving tandem. But every once in a while (if we aren’t speeding down a hill, or in a difficult place), I ask for a stop so I can go back and take a photograph I missed. When we pass the Fire Station in Prattsville, I asked for a halt. When Tim asks me what the sign means, I say, “I have no idea. That’s why I wanted the picture.”

20110530-033215.jpg 20110530-033418.jpg 20110530-033533.jpg
So far on this trip, I’ve seen more horses than cows. I have been looking for the perfect horse picture to include in our story. But there is always some sort of problem. A fence in the way, the horse is eating, or I don’t get the whole horse. You’ll have to put these together in your mind to see what I’m after.

20110530-034036.jpg 20110530-034116.jpg 20110530-034208.jpg
We have developed the habit of stopping for 10:00 post-breakfast, pre-lunch, ice cream cones. There are benefits to spending a few hours each day on a bicycle! This morning we pass the establishment noted with the first sign (too early, I guess) but stop at the second one – noted by the ice cream cone and the arrows. But when we go to the take-out window, the third sign is what we see. But it’s ice cream time, so we go inside to see what’s available. Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and rainbow sherbet. Not the biggest selection so far on this trip, but we each have a cone anyway.

I am fascinated by this photograph on the wall. The owner says it is his mother, taken in the Bronx, in 1940. He takes it down so I can study it more closely and says I can take a picture. I find it hard to tear myself away, but it’s time to move on.

20110530-035419.jpg 20110530-035446.jpg
Tim has gotten over the feeling that to be on a true cycling tour, we need to cover more miles each day. My difficulty in documenting this trip, is the lack of castle and cathedral photographs in my collection. Everybody else seems to include them. But wait, here’s my chance! In case the opportunity doesn’t arise again, I’ll include two photos of the same castle – from different angles.

20110530-035846.jpg 20110530-035914.jpg
Instead I can include photographs of construction equipment – some so large I can’t get the whole machine in one photograph, and some so small (and I think cute) that I think we might put in on our trailer and take it home.

20110530-040321.jpg 20110530-040348.jpg
And cars and trucks along the road – more like sculptures really. They don’t appear to be in use anymore.

But once again, I am surprised. You never know what you might see along NYS Route 23 at an average speed of 10mph.

When we enter Prattsville I get to study the extra wires that festoon the bridge. Why are they there? Lightning protection? Christmas lights?

20110530-040906.jpg 20110530-040958.jpg
As we ride out of Prattsville, we see the famous picnic area on the left and I have an opportunity for an art shot on the right. I too, can be a sucker for waterfalls – or at least for rapids.

A reminder of our speed – it varies.

An inspiration for all of us. Just substitute your county for this one.

20110530-041532.jpg 20110530-041556.jpg
By lunchtime we are already in Windham. One problem with short trips is that you get to your destination too early to check in. We stop at Messina’s Italian Restaurant for a wonderful lunch. It’s one of the few restaurants we visit where Tim does NOT say, “I could make this better.” But we are the only people in the restaurant. I hope more come later. Other places we pass are crowded. The people don’t know what they are missing!

Too early, but welcomed just the same, we arrive at The Thompson House for a wonderful two-night stay and day of rest.

20110530-042407.jpg 20110530-042438.jpg

Breakfast and lunch are included with our stay. And I get to spend a whole day learning how Norman Rockwell uses “each line, tone, color. . .each person, facial expression, gesture. . . for one supreme purpose—to tell a story.”

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Most of the time I take close-ups of plants—especially seed pods and other remnants left after the plant has flowered. Sometimes my close-ups change. So far, hands and abandoned machinery have pulled me away from plants.

3 thoughts on “Stamford to Windham – 25 miles”

  1. Oh, I loved this post. The funny signs and cars and the hippie food truck. And your Norman Rockwell comment at the end: superb writing, Suzy.

  2. Yes………… favorite picture………… the gravel pile…………….

    P.S. oh yeah………..a person I’ve known most of my life was a model for Norman Rockwell……and I just found it out a couple of month’s ago……………

    1. Carol, Your friend’s photograph may be in the book. Rockwell explains and shows (with many photographs) how he does his work.

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