My New Cap

I remembered to bring a helmet, but I forgot to bring a cap, to protect my tender skull from the cruel photons that Apollo the Golden Haired hurls at my head.

Fortunately, Walmart is across the street. I rejected the sports caps, with cryptic insignia, such as “NY”. Whatever team they were flogging was not my team. I rejected the hats without insignia, because they were size-wise mismatched to my head.

Suzy found the cap you see here. The team is Gears of War. I wasn’t sure at first if I was a Gears of War kind of guy, or if the skull was truly my proper emblem.

But then I got to thinking that inside every plain vanilla male human is a savage warrior struggling to free himself. Homo miles. I really am a dangerous animal, the sort of guy who would tear your throat out as soon as look at you, and flay your skull, and keep it on a table by my bed as a candlestick and a reminder of my brutal power. Most of the time I keep this aspect under wraps.

Yes, I got the cap with the skull, and I intend to wear it.

Location:New York 23,Oneonta,United States

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