Brooktondale to Bainbridge

This ride reminds me of one from years ago – Tim is sending out short messages from his hand-held. The difference is that the PDA is no longer a Palm Pilot. Now he has an iPhone and I can also add photographs and comments from an iPad. Technology is marching along.

For the first two days of our trip I have been getting to know Tim’s Lumix G1. There are many controls I still don’t understand, but I like it better and better as I continue to practice. I have many more photographs than anyone would want to see. I also have a new editing application. Thanks to Mike Miller’s recommendation, I bought Photogene for $2.99. It is more powerful than the Adobe Photoshop Express, but still easy to use. Thanks Mike – another toy to play with and learn.

The story:
I’m writing this chapter from Oneonta. We have traveled for two days – 60 miles the first day and 30 miles the second. Today is a rest day in Oneonta. Last night I played with Photogene. I was too tired to make much progress (90 miles in two days is way over any training we did this spring) but I did (in the story) almost get us away from our house.

20110527-081259.jpg and




20110527-082509.jpg and it’s time to leave. I think I now see most of what Photogene can do. I’ll work again on this blog in the morning. Maybe adding text to every photo is a bit much. For now, I’ll stick to comments on the side.

The story continues:

20110527-095646.jpg Tim decides we should skip our mad blast down Buffalo Road (often our fastest speed for the entire trip) and go down Speed Hill Road instead. It will cut about three miles off our trip and save a climb on Rt. 79.

20110527-095705.jpg Speed Hill Road is very steep (as Peter, Paul, and Daniel know very well). However, there is no ice problem today, so with a lot of help from our front disc brakes and the back drag brake we make it to the bottom with no trouble.

20110527-095718.jpg Bye Pat B. I tried to get a photograph of the Food Pantry garden, but missed the shot.

Still in the “we’re-leaving-home” state of mind, I say goodbye to our friends as we pass their houses and streets.

20110527-095734.jpg Bye Larry and Jackie.

20110527-095749.jpg Bye Trudie.

20110527-095805.jpg But what’s this I see? Tim, stop! There is a treasure on the road.

20110527-095819.jpg And now it’s ours. Not so heavy, and who knows, it may come in useful.

20110527-102150.jpg After studying Lee Friedlander last semester in photography class, I try my hand at including our mirror in several photographs. I think I need more practice.

20110527-095917.jpg Bye Mike and Linda. If I had a real Photoshop program, I could combine the flag and the sign into one photograph. I wonder, Is there an App for that? Or is this something the ipad can’t do?


20110527-095848.jpg We stop for a break, and I run ahead20110527-095954.jpg

20110527-100013.jpgto take a photograph of my friend Shannon’s farm, which is for sale. Let me know if you want to know more about it.

20110527-100027.jpg We stop before Lisle for the first strawberries of the season. Actually they are from New Jersey, but that’s almost local.

20110527-100043.jpg Just after Lisle we stop to refill our bottles and rinse off some of the New Jersey sand.

20110527-100101.jpg We’re still fresh and our speed is pretty good!

20110527-015027.jpg We stop in Whitney Point for lunch at Subway,

20110527-015048.jpg and a visit to the auto store next door

20110527-015109.jpg for some chain lubricant. This is the first discovery of a forgotten item. Later I discover that we have forgotten the degreaser for cleanup, but I also discover that sun block oil and a kleenex will do the job just as well.

20110527-015130.jpg Next door on the way through town we pass the now-closed motel where we used to spend our first night. Not this year – the next stop has to be Bainbridge!

20110527-015148.jpg Our route continues on Route 79.

20110527-015209.jpg We are NOT taking Route 206. We did that one time, many years ago. Never again.

20110527-015234.jpg Route 79, along this stretch, is fairly quiet and scenic. It’s one of my favorite parts of the ride.


20110527-015321.jpg Itaska,

20110527-015335.jpg through Chenango Forks,

20110527-015359.jpg across the bridge to Fenton, and then up two very long hills (which I won’t discuss) until we reach the top (or at least one of the several tops),

20110527-015423.jpg where Tim makes a post from Colesville,

20110527-015856.jpg and I take a rest.


20110527-015953.jpg A couple of interesting sites among the various tops of these hills.

20110527-020009.jpg Finally we reach the sign that cyclists long to see,

20110527-020053.jpg and the trip down is over in about two minutes. 4.8mph up the hills. 48 mph down the hills. I have a much greater understanding of the powers of 10.

20110527-020108.jpg We turn onto Route 7 East,


20110527-020143.jpg and pedal our way toward Nineveh

20110527-020201.jpg for and ice cream stop,

20110527-020215.jpg and a visit. This gentleman restored his 1981 truck himself. He’s planning on putting a new engine in it, but he hasn’t yet made his mind up as to the size.


20110527-020254.jpg as we approach Bainbridge, besides watching the roadside sites,

20110527-020309.jpg, I wonder if I am more or less tired than I was the last time we made this trip in one day. I think I am no more tired, and maybe a little less. I attribute this to Tim’s careful monitoring of our speed (no heavy breathing!) and the fact that we have packed lighter than ever before.


20110527-020341.jpg At a reasonable hour, we reach Bainbridge and the first place we stayed on our first bike ride, so many years ago. A welcome sight at the end of a long day.

Next post – the ride from Bainbridge to Oneonta.

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